JobDating 2021 Århus C

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JobDating 2021 Århus C

At Trifork we're looking for talented software developers with potential for greatness.

Full-time · Århus

About the job

As a Software Pilot at Trifork you will be working with the newest technologies, enjoying solving complex problems with your team and contribute to changing the world through software. At Trifork you have the opportunity to work on different digital products, involving different industries and different technologies and processes. Most importantly, you have the opportunity to work alongside the best software developers in the business - thus your opportunity to learn from the best and become amongst the best yourself. 

At Trifork we are all tech agnostics. Therefor you can enjoy working with tehnologies like Java, C# .NET, Kotlin, Xamarin, Javascript, Unity, React.JS/React Native, Angular, AWS, Azure, Docker, Kubernetes and many many more. More importantly, at Trifork you have a big influence on the tehnologies used and your everyday in general because we are organized into small powerful autonomous teams. 

About you

  • You are great at programming or on your way to becoming great!
  • Design Patterns, Solid Principles, Dependency Injection, Unit testing etc. "You know how to make quality code"
  • C# .NET
  • Java
  • Javascript
  • React.JS, Vue.JS, Angular, Typescript

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