Senior Solution Architect - SAP & Innovation

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Senior Solution Architect (Principal) - SAP & Innovation

At Trifork we're looking for a Senior Solution Architect to join our SAP team and build innovative solutions with us.

Full-time · Copenhagen, Denmark

About Trifork Smart Enterprise

Trifork Smart Enterprise (TSE) is part of the Trifork group, a Scandinavian born company with offices in 15 countries. In our business unit, we focus on delivering excellent user experiences in very complex enterprise landscapes through the use of modern technologies and methodologies together with our partners and customers.

The company and its offerings have a lot of untapped potential, that’s why we are on a growth journey. In order to support our growth strategy, we are currently looking for a Senior Solution Architect (Principal or Director level) that can help us on the end to end design of solutions for our customers on the SAP landscape using innovative technologies from SAP, Apple, NVIDIA or Microsoft.

Our value proposition comes from delivering complex enterprise solutions on top of SAP landscapes. Our customer success stories make the front page of the marketing material of worldwide companies like SAP, Apple & NVIDIA. We achieve this level of excellence by using industry-proven methodologies and by putting the end user first. Our human centered approach to software craftsmanship is what makes us unique and what makes our customer solutions be distinctive.

By working in Trifork Smart Enterprise, you get to work with companies and customers that are also trying to tackle the major challenges in the world these days. Most of our technology implementations are considered ‘GreenTech’, they help on improving the performance of our customers, most of them highly focused on delivering on ESG standards.

Company values

Trifork is a special company because of the way it’s run. We don’t believe in large, complex and hierarchical organisations. We rather organise ourselves in small, independent and autonomous units where leadership and decisions are kept locally. Therefore, in this position you will have a lot of freedom to develop your skills, the business and the team according to the values of our unit.

As a company with Scandinavian DNA, we respect and value the work of our employees. We believe in work-life balance, in having fun at work while being challenged, as well as in investing in the professional development of all of our employees. The numbers prove that Trifork is one of the technology companies in Scandinavia with the lowest employee churn.

Besides, our customers also approve our approach, as most of them decide to stay with us for long. Our way of working, our closeness, innovation and accountability are the signature of the work we do.

About the job

For our Trifork Smart Enterprise unit in Copenhagen, we are looking for a Senior Solution Architect in the SAP area that has the ambition to drive and execute the end-to-end lifecycle of a project/product. From helping scope it and communicate with customers, to design the innovative solution with our technical team and project managers, to execution and change management.

As part of your day to day, and year to year activities, together with our customers and technical specialists, you are responsible for:

  • Most importantly, staying up to date on how SAP, Apple, NVIDIA and other top companies are developing their technology roadmaps, so you can inspire our customers with innovative solutions that combine several of their components.

  • Identifying opportunities to improve the operations of our customers with digital tools.

  • That means that you'll be able doing presentations to our customers on how they can become better. Online, in person and occasionally abroad.

  • Driving the scoping process, together with the technical teams.

  • Gathering and mapping requirements to business processes.

  • Guiding the customers and our technical team through the development process.

  • In some cases, participating in Steering Committee meetings to give status and discuss directions with Directors, VPs or CIOs.

  • Delivering according to high quality standards that are expected when our customers engage with Trifork.

  • Participate in tenders, conferences and other events that require high focus on short periods of time.

  • Participate in the elaboration of the strategy of Trifork Smart Enterprise, together with colleagues from Copenhagen, Aarhus and Barcelona, as well as with our external partners (f.ex. SAP, Apple, NVIDIA, Lenovo).

  • As our employees are our main priority, it is also your responsibility to create a working atmosphere where every employee feels challenged, respected and feels Trifork is a great place to develop professionally. 

Working at Trifork Smart Enterprise can be defined in 2 words: freedom and agility. Our company has no enterprise overhead, and the small units don't have any bureaucrazy. In this position you'll be free to propose and contribute in your own way, and agile because due to easy environment, the company is dynamic to adapt quickly to the ever changing conditions. 

Working in Trifork Smart Enterprise is never boring!

About you

As our work is mostly for industrial companies with complex logistics, manufacturing, quality or maintenance processes, this role requires a person that has experience in analyzing processes in at least 2 of those areas. The rest can be taught on the job.

Trifork normally doesn't do customization of SAP environments, but it is expected that this person understands the high level processes and customization options available in SAP.

Understanding to a lower level of detail how to customize SAP can be done within the project, as long as the person has the mindset to learn and adapt. The company will be happy to support the learning journey!

For this position, you have the following experience and personal traits:

  • You have a university degree on business or engineering (Bachelor, Master or MBA).

  • You speak Danish and English fluently. 

  • You have a background in IT, functional, with experience on the SAP technology stack, with at least 7 years of experience.

  • You have experience in Business Process Management: building as-is & to-be process maps, mapping systems and data, people...

  • As you'll have to constantly be in contact with internal and external parties, you are able to communicate well with any stakeholder.

  • You have experience in the technology sector, and you are able to understand and communicate what the different major technology providers can offer to the market (SAP, Microsoft, Salesforce,...). 

  • You are an ambitious person, always trying to improve yourself and your surroundings.

  • You can work in teams, respect different opinions and different personalities.

  • But at the same time you can be independent and autonomous, being able to drive your own initiatives without tight supervision.

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Do you want to join our team as our new Senior Solution Architect in SAP and Innovative solutions? Then we'd love to hear about you!

In case of doubt, you can get in touch with the Business Unit Lead, Asier Vega Sanchez at or +45 41 12 22 24.